Elizabeth Heft

Investing in High School students through teaching and ministry

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth joined our JSB team in August of 2015. She is passionate about education and overseas ministry and brought with her much experience in both. Elizabeth has a Master’s degree in High School Math Education and has more than 10 years teaching experience. She is currently working towards completing a Master’s in Christian Ministries and being ordained as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church. She has served in ministry around the world including South Sudan, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Haiti.

She first encountered JSB while on a tour of the Holy Land. After visiting the school and meeting our staff and students, she knew that our school was the perfect place to serve out of her two passions.

“I came here not fully knowing what to expect,” said Elizabeth. “I was nervous about how I would fit into the culture here. But within my first week my anxiety about that was gone. I have never met people so welcoming and hospitable. From the very beginning people have treated me as if they have known me for years, as if I am part of their family.”

Elizabeth says this aspect of the culture allows her to form deeper, stronger relationships with her students and their families than she was able to in the United States. “These relationships allow the lines between ‘my job’ and ‘my ministry’ to be erased. At JSB I’m not just a teacher, but also a mentor, a friend and a discipler; I cherish that.”

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